Tasba Raya Adventist Ministries Welcomes you!

Areas of Focus


The Mission of Tasba Raya Adventist Ministries is to Share the Gospel of Jesus with the Miskito people in the Tasba Raya Region of Nicaragua. We accomplish the task, much like Jesus did, by meeting the needs of the people and then sharing the Gospel with them. While giving medical assistance and a good education is important, we hope to keep the center of all of our efforts, sharing Jesus with the people


Our primary school has preschool of three levels and grades 1-6. Our school encourages students to develop academically in an Seventh day Adventist setting. We have Bible classes each year so they can learn how to become Christians of integrity in their community. We have language instruction to teach them Spanish.

Health & Wellness

Our purpose is to improve the health of the Miskito people in Tasba Raya through the  health education, mobile clinics to the local villages where medical care is less accessible, and ambulance services to assist in transporting those who need more acute attention to the nearest hospital.

Tasba Raya Mission Welcomes You!

This website exists to educate the public about the ongoing efforts of the Tasba Raya mission, and to facilitate donations to support this important work. Tasba Raya is a mission located in the village of Francia Sirpi, in the Miskito region of Nicaragua. Our name, Tasba Raya, means "New Earth." Our purpose is to represent Christ to the people of the area by helping to meet their physical, educational and spiritual needs.