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Dedicated to Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Miskito Indians of Nicaragua

Francia Sirpi Special Music Finals!

And now, reporting live from the Francia Sirpi Special Music Regionals, María Santa Cruz.

            “Competition has been intense today at the Francia Sirpi Special Music Regionals.  This weekend has truly been filled with excitement as the people join in the competition and enjoy the fellowship of friends and family whom they have not seen in a long time.

            “We are in the village of Francia Sirpi where a meeting of all of the Tasba Raya Adventist church leaders and their families is taking place, the highlight of it of course being the Francia Sirpi Special Music Regionals.  People began arriving on foot and bicycle on Friday afternoon.  Meetings began Friday evening.  Reports have it that the meeting was a huge success, minus the interruption of the large mission truck going by on its way to Tasba Pain with the two Gringa nurses, to check on the wife of the Adventist pastor there, after they received a concerned note brought by a family member on bicycle.

            “It was known at the beginning that competition would be tough.  I quote Francia Sirpi home team leader and participant Efraín Jimenez, ‘We in Francia Sirpi will fight hard,’ he said with a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye.  Jimenez made good on his plans, with practices organized the evening before, and special requests to Kathilee Davidson, one of the gringa nurses, for a special on her violin.

            “Music began with a special by the Santa Clara song leaders, then competition heated up as Francia threw a hard punch with their male vocal and guitar trio.  But Tasba Pain was not to be out done.  Including the regional pastor from Waspam, they put up stiff competition with their mixed choir and guitar accompaniment. Francia struck again with their songleaders and children singing, and guest guitarist Ignacio, from the village of Wisconsin.  Ti Kamp fought with all their might, but just could not keep up.  Francia indeed was doing well, but Santa Clara was still fighting.  But as Santa Clara was struggling to survive, Francia Sirpi threw in their Cou de grace when they pulled out their secret weapon … the violinist from America. Yes, indeed, that seemed to be the end of the competition.  None could top this novelty performance and so all conceded that Francia had won the Francia Sirpi Special Music Regionals.

            “I quote once again, Jimenez from Francia Sirpi, as he stated with a note of triumph,  ‘Francia ganó!’  ( that is translated, ‘Francia Won!’)  Yes, that seems to sum it up.  All now enjoy a feast of gallopinto, the world famous Nicaraguan dish of rice and beans, enjoying the fellowship and chatting about the friendly competition. Already plans are being made for the Santa Rita Special Music Championship, coming up in November.

            “Reporting live, this is María Santa Cruz.”