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Dedicated to Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Miskito Indians of Nicaragua

Becky's October Updates

Wow! October has been a crazy month! At the beginning of the month we had 4 or 5 emergencies in 3 or 4 days. We made a make shift ambulance run to the hospital 2 1/2 hours away for a girl. God helped Kathilee put the IV in perfectly. I got to prepare everything for her and assess a sick baby, while she was at it. (Kathilee is the nurse I work with from Southern). There’s this huge tank truck from the 60s that we used as our ambulance. We got to suture someone too. I gave my first shot, which was exciting! I was scared at first, but it’s easy.

There was a 15 year old girl that had been sick for 3 weeks. The sukia (witch doctor) couldn’t cure her, and MINSA (government health place) couldn’t help her. But when we helped her she got better. The mother said that if she got all better they would start looking into the SDA church. That’s pretty cool!

I also got to hold and play with a monkey when we went to one of the villages to check on some patients. It was so cute! They grab onto your fingers like babies do.

We did a mobile clinic in TiKamp (one of the villages). It’s the smallest village, I think. They need their swings fixed at the school. There was a huge brown spider, literally as big as the computer screen and it moved fast. We had to chase it out of the outhouse so we could use the worm infested toilet on the right side because that side had a door. I hate spiders. We also had two tarantulas in our house within the last week. I can’t really complain because the missionary family has had more. I hate having to kill them.

We also went on a murder investigation one Sabbath afternoon. Some young men supposedly killed a rich ranch owner and left him on brush in the river. I got sick shortly after with 2 episodes of intense pain for about 20min. within 2 days. I’ve been fine since, so that’s good. There’s a lot of superstition and it was supposedly because I’d seen the dead body and hadn’t covered my nose. I guess that’s a cultural superstition. I was suppose to purge myself. I didn’t because I knew God would make me well and He did, of course.

Two Sabbaths ago I was bored for once and had absolutely nothing to do except journal. I was telling God how incredibly bored I was. And so 5 min. later there was a huge explosion. Lightening had hit the Zimmermen’s house and the bodega was on fire. We rushed out and yelled fire, but they couldn’t hear us with all the rain on the zinc roofs. We ran over there just as they discovered the smoke. We rushed to put out the gas/oil/battery acid fire out with half filled 5 gallon buckets and containers. The kids helped us make a great fire squad! Tons of people came up to help us clean up the mess. They were amazing! It was all God who put the fire out and gave me excitement for the day! Quote for the day, “ You can’t get bored in Nicaragua, because when you get bored, then you get struck by lightening.”

One day we went to one of our church member’s plantations and planted cassava. It was easy to plant, but I couldn’t cut the cassava with the machete (but I will before I come back). We drank lots of orange juice and ate queque ( a plain tasting cake, it’s not to bad). God’s helped all of us adjust well to the food, thankfully!

I went to Efrian’s house (he’s teaching me guitar!) to meet his wife, Berlinda and their 3 adorable kids with contagious smiles. She taught us how to make tortillas. It’s like fried bread. Good, but we were looking for real tortillas ( our version anyways). It was really nice to sit and get to know them too!

We had all the village church leaders come one Sabbath. We had a battle of special music. We did our first health talk on water and washing hands. They all washed their hands before eating potluck! Neat! We’ve also done two general health classes for the community, which were a lot of fun! The kids especially enjoy the skits and puppet shows!

I have been practicing my Spanish and just started Miskito lessons this last week!
It’s frustrating at times, but rewarding at others.

This last Wednesday was a very unpleasantly huge stepping stone for me. We checked on a woman with abdominal pain, while we were on our way for a walk. Then a man came up and asked us to help his 6 year old girl. We went there and I was very disturbed to find her severely malnourished. Her face was oddly swollen and her feet were very puffy and hard from all the inflammation. I was horrified to find the marroony purple wounds covering all four limbs. I wanted to cry but was trying to hold back the tears til we got home. However, on our way back we were stopped by 2 men that wanted us to take a picture of a dying boy. We didn’t understand at first and wanted to help.  There was no help, he was nearly dead when we got there. I took the picture as quick as I could as tears streamed down my face. I didn’t really look at his face at first, it seemed fine to me. He was wrapped tightly in a white sheet. They pulled his mom away and my heart went out to her. I grabbed her and sobbed with her until the ladies pulled her away. We connected at the deepest possible level--the soul. It was then that I really got a good look at his pitiful looking face. I was so upset and kept asking God why won’t You heal him? You can do it , so why won’t You? But He kept telling me not this time. I knelt by the boys bedside and watched him take his last, painful 2 or 3 breaths, and he was gone. We stayed there and just cried with the family. I cried again when we got home. I never wanted to see anyone die, especially a child. That was painful. Their faces will be burned into my mind forever. Trusting God’s not easy, because I’m not in control. God’s all I can depend on this world, and though it’s hard sometimes, I know His time and plan is flawless. I don’t think I’ve ever really felt that instantly deep of a connection with anyone.

So to end on a happy note, I made muffins and bread yesterday with the girls!And for an early b-day present, 2 of the girls from the missionary family got me a kitten!

Love always, Becky