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Dedicated to Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Miskito Indians of Nicaragua

Baking Bread the Miskito Way

Elena is a faithful sister in the church. This afternoon I visited her and her mother who has been sick. I was happy that her mother was doing better.It is one of my joys to visit the old and sick and pray with them. prayer transcends all language barriers.

      Elena was at her house baking this bread. every one here cooks open fire at their house for cooking a layer of mud clay is formed and covered with concrete this insulates it from the wood and since I've been here no house fires have occurred. I will look and find you a picture of a Miskito stove and a typical kitchen 
     I might add Elena cooks in our kitchen when groups come. Sometimes for a special treat we will often have her make bread and empinadas for us for Sabbath. She also usually does my laundry. 
     I expect the ingredients are very simple flour,oil.baking soda.and maybe a little sugar and yeast I will check and find out. They also make another bread that is cut into small squares and deep fried.