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Dedicated to Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Miskito Indians of Nicaragua

West Toronto SDA Mission Story

In December 2006 the West Toronto SDA sponsored a group of 11 church members to come and work with the TRAM mission. The group was lead by Associate Pastor Lloyd Wilson and his wife, Natasha and baby Syndey. Members of the group included Pastor David Rogers, his wonderful bride, Joan, Ingrid Abbott, Juanita Abbott, Alison Adams, Flossie Lazarus, Faye Sinclair-Harris, Dee Boswell, Sasha Jordan, Jean Levy, and brother Ken Crossfield.

The plans for the trip were to put a new roof on the clinic. The funds for the project had been provided for by donations to ADRA from the Really Useful Gift Catalogue. A small problem occurred before the group’s arrival in that the materials could not be located for the new roof.

Our plans were not God’s plans and we must always be open to His leading. In this case He was leading in a different direction. This group had several nurses in it and so the decision was made to hold mobile clinics. As you will learn later this was definitely of God’s leading.

The group worked through the week holding mobile clinics. On Friday evening I asked Pola, our local group physical needs coordinator, and village leader, which of the villages that we had not visited should we visit-who really needed us the most? She responded without hesitation, the village of Santa Clara, but then she added……. But the people there are mean!

This was in agreement with our last experience in the village, but it was decided that if they were the ones who needed us the most that is where we would go on Sunday.

We had a wonderful Sabbath, with Pastor David and Pastor Lloyd team preaching. Later in the afternoon we walked around the village to visit the homes of the neediest, sharing clothes and praying with them.

Sunday morning found us on the road to Santa Clara…… the dreaded village of the “mean people”.

We arrived in the village and set up clinic in the church. It was not long before people started coming in. One of the first to come in was a pregnant lady. She said that her water had broken some time after dark the evening before and she was in labor. Sister Faye       asked if they could go back to the ladies home where they could have some privacy to do a thorough examine, that they did. It was not long and Sister Faye was back with a report. The lady was definitely in labor and there was some bad news, the baby was completely sideways and with the lady in labor the baby’s position could not be changed. It was very likely that the baby would die and possibly the mother if they were not taken to the hospital right away.

The big problem then is that the closest hospital is about 40 miles and more than 2 hours drive. Sister Faye insisted that the lady had to go and so we loaded her onto the deuce and took her back to Francia Sirpi where we transferred her to the Toyota pick-up and Pastor Santos headed off to Waspam to the hospital there. Upon his return we learned that they could not take care of her there and they had put her into their Toyota Land Cruiser (ambulance) and took her to the hospital in Puerto Cabezas approx. 90 miles (a 6+ hour drive)

UPDATE: Mother and baby are both doing well. (photos to follow)

Praise the Lord, we went where we didn’t want to go and we went when He said to go. A day earlier would have been too early and a day later would have been too late. His timing is perfect…..

Altogether this group saw about 300 patients in 7 days. They held a type of Vacation Bible School program in each village along with the clinics. Pastor Lloyd was a hit with all of the kids. He was full of energy and had all sorts of games to play with the kids.

Clothes were given to people in every village visited.

The second Sabbath we were there, there were a couple of children to be dedicated to the Lord. The pastors held a baby dedication service. Brother Ken was honored with one of the babies being named after him. The other baby was named after Pastor Rogers.

It was truly a wonderful group and another wonderful trip. Most of all what a wonderful Savior we serve that cares about people, and arranges things to care for others, IF we will listen to Him and GO where He sends.