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Dedicated to Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Miskito Indians of Nicaragua

Video Report October 2012

Mission leader, Tom Lawrence shares a mission feature, while home in Tennessee at the Roane Community Seventh-day Adventist Church October 6, 2012.  This video will show some of the mission compound and surrounding conditions.  There are a  number of still photos that show the ongoing work of the mission, the faces, and culture of those they serve.  

The photograph to the right shows the foundation being placed for the new classrooms prior to the arrival of Maranatha's  Ultimate Work Out team.  The gravel backfill comes from the local riverbed and has been loaded and placed by hand. 

2012 marked significant progress for facelifts to the existing classroom, clinic, and relocation of the "old duce".  Teams from Southern University, Union College, Lauralbrook Academy, Heritage Academy and other individuals made significant contributions. Our mission team has made a vital difference for the villagers.  The people of Francia Serpie are now blessed by having reliable ambulance service to the nearest hospital which is two hours away. 


TRAM Mission to Miskito People from Linden Lawrence on Vimeo.