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Dedicated to Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Miskito Indians of Nicaragua


Volunteer Links

Adventist Volunteer Center coordinates volunteers coming to the Tasba Raya mission.

ACTS World Relief trains volunteers and coordinates their activities to assist areas worldwide which are in need due to natural disasters, poverty, and other devastating conditions. Has done a lot of work in Nicaragua, including Francia Sirpi after the recent hurricanes

Southern Adventist University - Nursing Department


Nicaragua Links
Note: TRAC does not necessarily endorse any of the various opinions presented in these web sites.

Miskitu Language Home Page

The Miskito Nation (in Spanish), or translated

The Miskito Indians, described by the explorer William Dampier in 1681

Nicaragua - A Country Study from the Library of Congress

Miskito Indians in Nicaragua - by a Moravian minister (translated from German)

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Tasba Raya Veterans