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Dedicated to Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Miskito Indians of Nicaragua

Frontier Nursing Trip

Christina Holm assesses her tiny patient's condition.

The goal the the spring Frontier Nursing trips is to spread the love of Jesus in Tasba Raya by providing health care, and to inspire and teach young missionary nurses who have a passion to serve in underdeveloped areas of the world. Many of the nurses who have participated have later decided to go as student missionaries to many other places in the world.

Around a dozen students and at least one physician have participated each spring break since 1998. The students are senior nursing students who take the elective Frontier Mission Nursing course at Southern Adventist University (SAU). The trip serves as their class laboratory experience.

Setting up clinics in churches, school buildings, or in existing clinic buildings, the participants see patients who need health care, treating the ever-present parasites. They also sing and tell stories to the kids and try to teach every patient preventive health principles.



Dr. Steven and Mrs. Laura Nyirady
Dr. Steven and Mrs. Laura Nyirady
(trip sponsors)


Dr. Doug Thoresen
Dr. Doug Thoresen


  • Laura & Dr. Steve Nyirady (sponsors)
  • Dr. F. Doug Thoresen (retired physician)
  • Jeff Joiner (Union College School of Nursing)


  • Jennifer Cross
  • Jacquie Cunningham
  • Laura David
  • Dorinda Harriss
  • Christina Holm
  • Susan Lucas
  • Mary Qualls
  • Lori Edgmon
  • Kelley Edney
  • Bucklee Eller
  • Jessica Zanes
  • Darren Oh (not from SAU)