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Dedicated to Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Miskito Indians of Nicaragua

Evangelism Trip

Every summer, a team from the States hold two weeks of campmeeting-style meetings in Francia Sirpi. During the day, they teach vocational/technical training workshops, and in the evenings the hold evangelistic meetings and Vacation Bible School meetings for the children.

July 2002

During the 2002 trip, Pastor Waldo Cacildo held the evening evangelistic meetings, attracting hundreds of villagers. The Holy Spirit moved, and as a result, Pastor Waldo was invited to do the same in Santa Clara and Miguel Bikan. There have been 125 baptisms since the meetings.

The more than fifty villagers who attended the daytime vocational classes learned cooking, sewing, health principles, bicycle repair, Bible-marking, and gardening. Doña Marina taught the women how to sew and how to make soybean products, including milk, cheese, patties, and cream, and Kenneth Henderson taught the men how to plant the soybeans.

Those who attended received scissors, cloth, needles, and soybeans. Although the villagers had previously been unaccustomed to the use of soybeans, there have already been requests for more seed. We hope that the villagers who attended will teach their neighbors what they have learned.

The 2002 team included the Cacildos (evangelistic meetings), Flavio Gaedke (bicycle repair classes), Kenneth Henderson (gardening classes), Dr. Ismael Cruz, Doña Marina (cooking and sewing classes), the Vargases, and Kibsa Gilmore.