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Dedicated to Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Miskito Indians of Nicaragua

Educational Efforts

Eric Gullet teaching the English alphabet in the Francia Sirpi s

The poverty and poor health of the Miskito people is partly a result of their lack of education.

Francia Sirpi has both a large elementary school and a smaller high school.

Tasba Raya Adventist Clinic's personnel assist the local teachers by teaching science, math, Bible history/studies, and English.



Gerson Zamora with student missionaries at the Adventist academy



For $100 a year, a student can attend the Adventist academy in Puerto Cabezas. However, with hardly any income at all, few of the villagers can afford to attend.

Thanks to a few generous donors, the mission is sponsoring several students, including Josias and Gerson Zamora. Student missionaries working at the academy act as mentors and help them stay out of trouble in the city. For information on how to help, click here.


Technical Skills Education

While education is somewhat accessible, many students drop out because they can't see the value in it, especially when there is work to be done on the plantations. To give them hope for a future and to prevent dropout, the mission needs to supplement their education with technical skills.


One of the mission's focus areas is agriculture. The villagers need to be taught how to plant a wider variety of foods and to conserve their crops.

The summer medical evangelism team has already laid a foundation by teaching the women how to use soybeans and the men how to plant them. Each family in attendance received some seed to plant.

Now the villagers need to be taught how to preserve the seed from one year to the next. Pastor Waldo and his twelve lay pastors are doing what they can to motivate the church members to establish a better nutritional basis for their communities.



The old church in Francia (soon to be remodeled).

Plans for a Training School


Currently the mission is exploring the possibility of partitioning the old empty church in Francia and converting it into a training center.  Some of the objectives are to train the people to better support themselves, and to strengthen leaders

who can help teach the rest of the church. Some of the possible subjects are sewing, baking, carpentry, Bible, and reading (for adults who never attended school).