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Dedicated to Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Miskito Indians of Nicaragua


Mission Statement

The mission of the Tasba Raya Adventist Clinic is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ among the Miskito Indian people group, facilitating the sustainable development of their total spiritual, physical, mental, and socio-cultural health and well-being. 

To accomplish its mission, Tasba Raya Adventist Clinic will:

  • Promote Bible-based standards for moral values
  • Maintain the uniqueness of the Miskito culture
  • Portray Christ's love through a humble spirit of service
  • Facilitate and assist in providing primary health care to the six villages in the Tasba Raya area by:
    • Training and assisting local health care workers
    • Providing needed medication, supplies, and transportation to treat acute illnesses and emergencies not cared for by local health care providers
  • Provide religious and spiritual Christian education
  • Promote community development by:
    • Operating maternal prenatal clinics with checks and education
    • Maintaining child growth, immunization, and nutritional records
    • Establishing a community census including birth and death statistics
    • Improving sanitation and hygiene by drilling wells and building latrines
    • Providing vocational education to supplement family incomes
    • Educating the community about health and hygiene

Focus Areas

Annual Trips